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Suzanne on San Diego 6 in the Morning

Suzanne P. Reese talks with Elex Michaelson about Infant Massage on the San Diego 6 in the Morning news show, September 27, 2008.

"Talk to Me" CD Now Available

“Talk To Me” is Suzanne's first musical CD. Following the successful release of her book on infant massage, a flip-style guide designed for families to use at home, Reese began getting requests for a take home CD of the songs she sings in class. "These are simple songs that are easy to sing along with," she says. "They add another dimension to the experience of infant massage and they're fun!"

More Information, song samples and how to order

The Story Behind the Photo
Chernobyl Hope - People Magazine - April 24, 2006 As seen in...

  Issue: April 24, 2006
  Pages 104 - 110

If you could see the other half of the image that the camera did not capture, only then could you know that Nastya (the little girl I’m comforting) is having bedsore dressings changed. When I first approached her – just a couple of minutes before this photo was taken, Nastya was clearly distressed from the pain and discomfort of having bedsore dressings peeled off and replaced. A fellow volunteer, nurse Marie Cox from Ireland, was performing the dressing change. Marie works so well – so careful, so delicate and swift in her approach. Sadly, the process is just so painful and distressing, no matter how careful one is, there will be pain and discomfort for a child in Nastya’s condition. 

What is Compassionate Child?

Compassionate Child is Suzanne's mission to provide an online resource for information and opportunities to all those seeking to exercise efforts in helping the world thrive through nurturing the inherent love and compassion our children are born to share. When we really think about and experience what this is and what it can mean, we may discover a change in the way we look at babies and come to recognize how much they have to offer in our own evolution as human beings.

Suzanne Has A Gift
Suzanne has a gift, and it's more than the love & compassion she has for all mankind. It's the ability to lead, teach, model & inspire. Her passion is contagious.  Kelly W., Physical Therapist  - Knoxville, TN

Talk To Me CD

Suzanne's Book

Baby Massage - Soothing Strokes for Healthy Growth
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