Saturday, June 25th, 2016
Absolutley Excellent E-mail

This course was absolutley excellent.  Suzanne, YOU ARE INSPIRING. The passion, conviction, elegance, sensitivity with which Suzanne led the class was absolutley excellent. I really feel how important this is and what a wonderful paradigm shift we are a part of. I also feel our responsibility as people and educators - and what a difference we can make in the lives of parents and babies.

Sandra S., Massage Therapist - Chicago, IL

Suzanne's Encouragement E-mail

Suzanne's encouragement for us to contact her was huge. I feel like we could contact Suzanne at anytime and this feels really good as I get ready to go out and do more classes.

Michelle C, Child Life Specialist - Saratoga, CA 


Authentic E-mail

Thank you, Suzanne, for your authentic energy & sharing your heart!

Stacey A., Parent Educator - Chula Vista, CA 

Group Synergy E-mail
This was a truly experiential training. I got a lot out of it. The training group was terrific - a lot of synergy and comraderie.  Crystal E., Early Childhood Educator - Orem, UT
Supports, Inspires & Connects E-mail

Suzanne goes above & beyond expectations to reach out, support, inspire & connect with her students.

MLH, Physical Therapist - Monteray, CA 

Amazing E-mail

This course met my expectations in the sense that is was amazing - yet, I came in without expectations and feel honored to have been a part of this. I enjoyed most Suzanne's spirit. I also enjoyed the participation of the families and the group interaction. 

Stacey A., Parent Educator - Chula Vista, CA 

Life Altering Experience E-mail

This class went further than my expectations. This class was so informative. I was amazed by the organization. The core attachment theory model which I work with was presented great. Thank you for this beautiful & life altering experience. Thank you for doing what you do.

Alicia F., Child Psychology - San Diego, CA 

Making A Difference E-mail

Suzanne was wonderful. Her passion & dedication to this field makes every struggle worth it. Her powerful presentation & lectures were well prepared & thorough. She is a wonderful & passionate individual who is really making a difference in this world by touching one family at a time.

I felt amazingly supported. Thank you for being so dedicated to all of us. 

Alilcia F., Child Psychology - San Diego, CA 

The Energy E-mail

The course exceeded my expectations. 

I enjoyed the energy and shared interest among everyone in the class to provide a better world - to promote healthy love & compassion, healthy relationships (bonding, attachment) between families.

Suzanne provided complete support and encouragement - thank you!

Kirstin N., Massage Therapist - San Diego, CA 

Her Desire For Us To Succeed E-mail

I felt her desire for us to succeed 100%!

Marjorie S., Massage Therapist, Doula - San Diego, CA 

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