Friday, May 27th, 2016
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Image Suzanne's book, Baby Massage - Soothing Strokes for Healthy Growth, is now available .

Baby Massage: Soothing Strokes For Healthy Growth is a fun how-to for parents, families and primary caregivers of infants. It is presented in an easy-to-read spiral bound, flip-chart style format that allows the reader to learn hands-free while practicing the hands-on approach to baby massage.

It is my hope that families will use this book as an avenue to learn more about baby massage and integrate it into their lives and in their relationship with their child. What is presented is simple - there is nothing to plug in, no switch to flip and no dials to turn. In the very simplicity of the baby massage approach presented here, there exisits an abundant collection of complex benefits. When we massage our babies in the way presented here, we are facilitating their healthy growth and development in ways beyond our imagination.

It is my hope that, in the end, the reader comes to realize that baby massage is not about the strokes - it's about buildling a healthy relationship through the key elements of bonding - all which are present in baby massage:

Sight - Infants can see clearly at about a distance of 7-12 inches. During baby massage, baby and parent are close enough that baby can see Mama or Pappa.

Sound - Sweet sounds, song, rhymes, stories, laughter, giggles and gaggles all make for a fun time shared in sound. Also, our vocalizations are unique, and we begin to establish recognition for one another through sound.

Touch - Safe, predicatable and reliable contact make for positive shared experiences - and positive shared experienced enhance the bonding process. Touch is the first sense to develop in utero; therefore, it is our first channel of communication and imput from the world around us.

Smell - Baby and parent are so close, they can smell eachother. This is important because we all possess our own unique scent signature. It is through this natural essence that we come to recognize one another without even realizing it. 

Taste - The same goes here - if we can smell one another, we can taste one another. Kisses on little fingers and toes that become pacifiers and teething tools for baby are a great way to connect and know eachother.

In a healthy exchange, these moments are chock full of positive shared experiences that are safe, predictable and reliable. These experiences model the very qualities we seek to nurture in our children: recognition, respect, support, admiration, valiation, empathy and inclusion in the family. These are the foundations of heatlhy bonds, communication and relationships for the Compassionate Child.   

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